Great Race, But I Still Hate 5K's

Today I ran a 5K as part of the Human Race. 

The optimist sees... I set a PR! New time of 22:03. 

The pessimist sees... I walked for about 5 seconds coming up the last hill. If I hadn't, I would have bagged my first ever 21-something 5k time.


The optimist thinks... 5k's are a great way to build speed and spend time with friends. 

The pessimist thinks... 5k's *%@#ing HURT.


The optimist says... The only way to improve at 5k's is to run more of them!

The pessimist says... Wake me up for the next marathon...


So am I an optimist or pessimist? I'll quote the little girl I spoke with in Starbucks this last Halloween. She was dressed as a witch and I asked her if she was a good witch, or a bad witch. She cocked her head, thought about it, then answered, "I'm a little bit of both."