First Bikram Yoga Class Tomorrow

Having discovered a previously unsuspected addiction to purchasing deals through Groupon, I am now the proud owner of thirty days worth of unlimited bikram yoga classes. I start tomorrow. 

Bikram yoga is more commonly known as "hot yoga." The class ia an hour and a half and the room is heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit.


A few people have told me how much they love bikram and how it's great for releasing all the toxins in the body. Of course, a few other people chimed in, namely:

  •  Christie, who told me she threw up after her one and only attempt at the class
  • Ben, who felt fine during class but ended up with nausea and diarrhea later that night
  • And Christopher, who today informed me the room smells like a foot locker and his friend got ringworm from one of the mats. 

 I've drank 78 oz of water today and will do the same tomorrow before class.

Stay tuned. The next post promises to be doozie.