Keurig: Customer Service As It Should Be

My cousin is an early adopter and it was at her home that I was first introduced to the joys of the Keurig coffee machine. This was years and years ago, long before Keurigs started showing up in every doctor's office, salon, and real estate open house. To me, the Keurig was the height of indulgence. A cup of coffee brewed just for me? My cousin even had the little turnstile so I could spin around my choices - hazelnut, vanilla, mocha, organic... Oh, heavenly coffee machine! I lusted after one. 

Unfortunately, I am married to a man who loves--brace yourselves--instant coffee. He had no interest in having a variety of coffees at our fingertips and I couldn't justify the cost to buy the machine just for me, so I let it go. 

Then Mom racked up enough points on a credit card to buy me a Keurig as a gift. Oh, happy day! I installed it in my writing room. The Keurig came with sample coffees--bad for me as I typically only drink decaf. I spent the next month on a constant buzz and finally had to self-detox. 

Then something happened. The machine only started brewing half cups. I tried cleaning it and it worked for a short while then stopped again. Then worked. Then stopped, until recently all the machine would do is make a loud buzzing noise unless I turned it on and off three times, hitting BREW each time, until it finally spewed forth water for three cups, overflowing my mug each time. 

The cats learned several new curse words during this time period. 

Which brings to the point of today's post, that being great customer service. I posted a nasty Twitter message about my Keurig machine (I had overflow organic decaf on my desk and was TICKED), which my friend Christopher saw. He had to have two of his Keurig's replaced and recommended I call customer service. I hadn't called prior because being a gift, I didn't have a receipt and I doubted they'd do anything for me. 

Wrong! These people could teach lessons in customer service. Friendly REAL people who apologized several times for my trouble and assured me every step of the way that the problem would be solved. A rep walked me through a potential fix and when that didn't work, informed me she would be sending me a new--upgraded--machine, then asked what kind of coffee I liked so she could send me samples for my trouble. 

Hello - I love these people! At one point I mentioned I hadn't called earlier due to the no receipt and she said, "We certainly would have taken your word on it. Please don't ever hesitate to call if you experience any problems. That's what we're here for." 

Who says that anymore? And means it? 

Lovely, Keurig company. Just lovely. Made my day.