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A Look Into the Mind of a Marathon Runner

For today's post, I offer a glimpse into the (insane) workings of the mindset of marathon runners. 

My training partner (TP) for Myrtle Beach is coming off running back-to-back marathons. Before we ran Myrtle, our conversations went like this:

TP: "Regardless of how I do, I'm done with marathons after this race. I need a break."

Me: "Me too. This is going to be the only marathon I run this year."

TP: "Agreed."

Immediately following our run at Myrtle Beach, our conversations sounded like this:

TP: "I can't train any more. My body and mind need to rest."

Me: "I know, I'm exhausted. I'm going to spend the rest of this year focusing on shorter races and trying to get faster."

TP: "We'll run a half-marathon this fall and just train for that."

Me: "Yes! And maybe some 5 and 10k's, but that's it. It will be a relief not to have to train for a marathon."

TP: "Agreed."

Which brings us to this morning's (two weeks post-race) conversation:

TP: "Do you want to sign up for the Rock-N-Roll marathon in Savannah in November? 

Me: "Hell yes." 

We probably should not be allowed to mix with the general public. What if what we have is contagious? 



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