The No-Sick Streak Ends

That's what bragging will get you. I was saying to someone just last week that it had been over four years since I'd had so much as a cold. Maybe the occassional twinge of "Uh-oh, I hope I'm not getting a sore throat," but nothing that lasted over an hour or two. 

This weekend I'm in Ohio visiting my best friend. We drove to Columbus on Saturday to see my cousin and her husband and their new (ADORABLE) baby. On the way back to Cincinnati, I sneezed. That did it. Within an hour I was hacking, sneezing, coughing, and alternating chills and sweating. 

Fortunately, my best friend is the person you want to be around when you're sick. She fluffs your pillow, makes you hot tea and--in my case--fed me Grater's ice-cream. We LOVE her. 

I was not a happy camper on the 7-hour car ride home today, but I made it. I walked in the door, said hello to Blair and the cats and went straight to bed. Sleep heals me, so I plan on spending most of the next 18 hours in bed.

Blair just asked how I was feeling. 

"Like ass," I said. 

"That's my princess," he said. "Always the lady." 

It's good to be home.