What's the Plan, Stan?

I'm working on becoming less of a planner. And by "working on" I mean "taking no action other than hoping things turn out the way I want them to." Still, it's a start. 

I live by a plan. I really don't understand how people get by in life without them. It's not that I write down every moment of my day (well, not always), but I typically either review my calendar at night or first thing in the morning and at least make a mental note of what my day looks like. The problem is that if something new pops up--even something fun--I'm often reluctant to let go of the mental plan I had for the day and adjust to make room for the new thing.

Here's an example. Yesterday was beautiful and a friend texted me early to see if I wanted to get in a quick easy run that afternoon. Just to be out and enjoy the weather and each other's company. 

Sounds fun, but wait. Running was not in the plan. I'd already biked that morning. My legs had their workout. So no, no running. Can't do it. It's not in the plan. 

An hour later, I'm staring out at the sunshine thinking how nice it would be to be out there running in it and it occurs to me how stupid I am. This isn't about "exercise." This is about enjoying life and what it offers in the moment. It's sunny. It's pretty out. I have a great friend I get to spend time with. I get to enjoy being healthy and appreciate the fact that my life is set up so I can take off and enjoy an afternoon run. Throw the play book out the window and just go.

So I did.

I need to do that more often. I'm easily freaked out by things as simple as I planned to start my morning writing time at 7 am but now it's 8:30 and oh my God, the day is ruined. Calm. Step back. Readjust. Pull up your big girl panties and just deal with it. 

Can you see the free spirit in me taking over already? Almost there....