Funny of the Week

I bought a bootcamp Groupon with my friends Christie and Kay. We're the oldest in the group, with the other women being in their mid to late 20's. Our strength coach is 28. Last week, Christie, Kay and myself were milling about, waiting for class to start. The other girls weren't there yet. The coach came out and said, "Hey, where are all the young does tonight?" 

Uh... hello??? Want to try that one again? 

We were teasing him and giving him grief and he was blushing slightly as he waved his hands in the air and said, "No, no! You're misunderstanding me." (PAUSE) "I LOVE older women." 

Duuuuude. Noooooooo. 

The rest of class we'd glance over at each other and say, "You see any young does? No? Me neither. Just a bunch of old hags here tonight." 

We're old and we're mean.