Help! Help! Hide Me...Please

Oh crap, this is it. This is the big one. Blair is going to KILL me when he gets home.

Why, you ask? Did I wreck the car? Break the bank on a shoe shopping spree? Bring home another cat?

No. It's worse. Much worse. 

I broke Froggy. 

Longtime blog readers will recall the happy day when Froggy joined our household. Since then, Froggy has only grown in our daily esteem and estimation. We love him. Makes us smile every morning when we see his pink and green face waiting to hold our coffee spoons. 

And now he's gone. I was wiping off the counters and, ironically, as a precautionary method had placed Froggy carefully into the sink. Which is where he was when I unintentionally swiped the heavy metal tray that holds our dish soap into the sink on top of him.

Poor Froggy. I'm sure we can replace him but it's kind of like picking up a new goldfish. Yes, they look just the same as the old one but YOU know it's different. 



Can I interest anyone in some cucumbers or zuchinni? God love him, little exterminator man was knocking on my door again this morning with more produce. Look at this pile! How am I going to get through all this?? I'm thinking of bagging it up, leaving it on a neighbor's porch, ringing the doorbell and then running away. 

I'm a runner. It could work.