The Wasa Cracker Saga

Light Rye. Best tasting Wasa cracker on the planet. I love Wasa Crackers! I smother them in almond butter or use them in place of sandwich bread for a delicious openfaced (soy) turkey/cheese/lettuce/tomato sandwich. In fact, I decided I wanted this exact sandwich for lunch today. Only there was a problem. We were out of Wasa crackers. 

Well, not out of crackers, but out of opened crackers and it is here that our tale begins. 

Blair (who eats Wasa crackers like it's a competition, stacking one atop the other) and I finished off the open bag of Wasa crackers two days ago. Since then, I've been waiting for him to open the new bag. Waiting... waiting... waiting...

No dice. He's not making a move. It comes down to me. 

I can't explain it and there's nothing logical about it, but I have a strong aversion to being the one to open a new pouch of crackers. I look at it, I hold the pouch in my hands, and I think, "Just do it." Then I put it back on the shelf. 

It's not complicated. All that's involved is ripping off the cover sleeve and pulling open the paper pouch. But I look at it and think, "Crumbs are going to go everywhere when I open that pouch. Plus I'm never any good at getting an even tear. Plus half the time the first cracker is so tightly wedged in there that it breaks when I take it out and who needs that hassle in life?" 

Seriously. I think these things. 

So far as I can tell, my neurosis extends only to Wasa crackers. I'll pull out a can opener or open a cereal box, no problem. I am the queen of tupperware containers and have no fear of plastic wrap or aluminum foil. It's just something about those damn Wasa Crackers. 

I broke down today and opened the new pouch. And yes, crumbs went everywhere and my tear was uneven making it almost impossible to close the bag, but I did manage to wiggle that first cracker out without breaking it, so there's that. 

It's weird what motivates us to action and what doesn't. Leave a glass in my house unattended for more than 30 seconds and I'll have it in the dishwasher before you can say "thirsty." I'm happy to change the toilet paper roll and have no trouble taking out the trash. However, I do everything in my power to make sure I'm not the one who has to fold the sheets when they come out of the dryer and I've been known to fake the flu to avoid hauling the recyclables to the curb. 

What about you? Any silly little tasks that you just absolutely for no good reason can not bring yourself to do?