Facebook Scores Me Ski Attire

Facebook hooked a girl up. I put out a post that I was going on a ski-trip and had nothing to wear. Perhaps, maybe, someone could loan me some ski clothes?

I have clothes offers coming out of the woodwork. I don't know what Blair is going to do - ski in thermal underwear for all I know - but girlfriend here is going to be stylin'. I've got 2 ski jackets (one dressy, one casual), 4 pairs of ski pants (for cold and warm weather), one bib overall thing for REALLY cold weather, base layers, neck warmer and gloves. 

I'm never buying clothes again. Formal dinner? I'm putting a post on FB for evening wear. Beach trip? Who has a beach umbrella I can borrow? 

I feel I should offer something in return but all I really have to offer are way too many running clothes and two full length formal gowns from a cruise we took years ago. Oh--and I think I may still have the hoop skirt I wore under my wedding dress because you just know those things are going to come back in style again someday. 

Got a Gone With The Wind party to attend? Facebook me. I'm your girl.