Smug Marrieds: A Fitting Year End

Most bloggers round out the year with well wishes for their readers' good health and happiness. Not me. I'm ending with a Smug Married. What can I say? I'm a truth teller. 

Dena, arriving home from her afternoon workout, bursts in the door: Guess what? I deadlifted 185 today at Crossfit. 

Blair: That's great. 

Blair is cleaning the house, so Dena runs upstairs to grab the vacuum to help. On the way back down she accidentally swings the vacuum against the wall, almost taking out a piece of plaster. 

Dena: Oops. 

Blair: Woman, you're lying to me. I know you can't deadlift no 185 pounds when you can't even carry a vacuum down the stairs. 

And so the Smug Marrieds move on to 2013.

From our home to yours,