New (Free) Shoes!

What's better than new running shoes? FREE new running shoes!

I recently participated in the Wake Forest Runner's Study and my reward was a $100 gift certificate to New Balance shoes in Winston-Salem. I'd been needing trail shoes for months so it was the perfect match. Almost.

I'm a Brooks running shoe girl. Always have been. I feel like I'm cheating on my brand, sneaking the New Balance into the house. Plus, they're much more minimalist then I'm used to. They feel like the thin paper baggies you slip over your shoes at a new home showing versus an actual shoe. I'm going to need to do some short trail runs and build up my endurance for wearing these. 

But free is free. These were on clearance so I had $15 left over and I bought some gaudy rainbow colored socks to wear with them 'cause that's how I roll. Plus, I don't want to get lost on the trail. You see some runner out there in turquoise shoes and purple socks, sobbing about how her paper baggie shoes failed her, yeah. That's me. Throw me a Gu and point me in the right direction.