Bean Soup: It's What's For Breakfast

Old Mill of Guildford on Hwy 68 - try their bean soup!On his way out the door this morning, Blair paused to give me a lingering kiss goodbye. He stopped mid-kiss, however, and raised his head and frowned.

Blair: "It's 7 a.m.  Why do you taste like garlic?"

Me: "Maybe because I had bean soup for breakfast?" 

Blair, making a face: "Bean soup?! That's not breakfast food." 

Me: "Think of it like oatmeal. It was warm and filling and delicious. It was the perfect breakfast." 

Blair: "Well then I'm having Doritos for breakfast tomorrow. Mmmm. I'll just pop some in the oven and they'll be warm and delicious. The perfect breakfast." 

Me: "I'd agree with you except my meal has nutritional value. You can't say that about Doritos."

Blair: "I can say your meal is GROSS. And that Doritos are GOOD. Taste trumps nutrition."

He grabbed his lunch and briefcase, winked, and walked out the door. 

Funny, but I'll have the last laugh. You see, I packed his lunch this morning. 

And I gave him an extra big helping of bean soup.