The Return of Captain Jack

Things you don't ever expect your husband to say: 

  • "You look fat."
  • "I bought us matching motorcycles today."
  • "We're getting a third cat."

Here's a hint: We're not getting motorcycles and Blair knows better than to say the "f" word in my presence so that must mean we're getting a third cat!

"Captain Jack" 5 years ago when I first brought him into our houseActually, we're inheriting one. Our next door neighbors are moving and are concerned that their outdoor cat, Snowball, might not be safe in their new neighborhood with busier streets. They asked if we might consider adopting him. 

Ironically, "Snowball" is "Captain Jack," the very same kitten I unintentionally stole from these neighbors many years ago

To his credit, Blair gave an immediate "yes" answer without even checking in with me. Snowball already This was the first time I ever fed Captain Jack. I thought he was just a stray kitten in the neighborhood. Look how CUTE.camps out in our tool shed and Blair keeps a bottle of kitty treats by the door for him (people think I'm the cat nut in the family but no, Blair is much more of a softie than me), so it's not a huge stretch to feed and set out water twice a day. 

This will be a change for me. I'm not a big fan of having outdoor-only cats but I can't bring Snowball in the house, one for my allergies and two, Lucy & Olivia would freak out. Blair's going to set up a more official "cat cave" for him in the shed and I'll bring him inside on really cold nights or dangerously hot days. 

Snowball today"I told you that cat and I were meant for each other," I said to Blair. "Now he's come back to me."

"Five years later," said Blair. 

"Destiny," I said. 

Maybe I'll start thinking really hard about how I'm meant to be with a brand new pair of running shoes and see if those show up on my doorstep as well.