Smug Marrieds: Don't Toss The Bottle

I mentioned a few days ago that Blair is coupon king. What I failed to mention is that he also prefers to buy in bulk. It amazes me we don't belong to Costco. I used to attribute it to the fact that we live too far away from one for it to be practical, but I'm beginning to suspect it's intentional on Blair's part. Kind of like how an alcoholic avoids going into bars. 

That still doesn't stop Blair from coming home with 24 rolls of paper towels at one time, or 10 boxes of tissue or--and here we get to the heart of today's post--an industrial sized bottle of Woolite. 

Note that it's not practical to keep a huge jug of Woolite by the washing machine. So what Blair does is buy a small bottle of Woolite and, once empty, he refills it from the large jug kept hidden in the guest bathroom closet. 

"Kept hidden" is a key phrase. I didn't realize we had this industrial sized jug of gentle fabric cleaner in the house until just this morning I mentioned to Blair that we needed to pick up some Woolite today at the store. 

He smiled and left the room then came back frowning. "Did you throw away the small bottle of Woolite?" he asked. 

I instantly knew what had happened. "I did," I said. Blair exhaled a frustrated stream of air and slumped onto the couch. I couldn't resist poking fun. 

"I can't believe I did that," I said. "What a stupid bit** I am." 

There was a moment of silence, then Blair sat up. "I appreciate you recognizing that so I didn't have to be the one to say it," he said. 

I burst out laughing. And there's a happy ending. As I was typing this post, Blair walked in with the small Woolite bottle I'd thrown in the recycling bin. "It's salvageable," he said, wiping it off.

Life with a CPA. You'd think it would be boring. You would be wrong.