Eating Meat Has Been Fun But...

You may remember the national uproar when I announced in February that, after 20+ years of being a vegetarian and being almost vegan for 3 years, I had started eating meat. While there's no denying I've enjoyed exercising my canine teeth, I believe I'm ready to return to my roots and a plant-based diet. 

Why go back? For the same reasons I decided to start eating meat again. My diet just isn't working for me. I feel like I'm betraying my values every time I sit down to a plate of chicken. I do believe we can get all the nutrients we need from plants. And, honestly, meat has stopped tasting good to me.

Also, this comment posted on the above mentioned blog entry by my friend Barefoot Josh got me thinking:

Strict convictions are overrated, for the most part.

I've heard many arguments over what's the healthiest way to eat. I certainly don't know the answer, but I am pretty sure that being open to adjusting and changing your life has got to be a good thing.

I'm glad I gave meat eating a try and I'm just as glad to leave it behind. A few things will change. I'm not giving up seafood this time. There's just no denying the convenience of throwing a can of tuna in my purse for an easy on-the-go lunch. Plus, I'm not willing to give up spicy tuna rolls at Imperial Koi, the awesome salmon salad at Lucky 32, or the smoked salmon omelet at The Iron Hen. 

I think what I'll take away from my little foray into meat is what Josh mentioned - ease up on the strict convictions. If I get a strong craving one day for some chicken, I'll eat a little chicken. if the turkey bacon Blair makes every Sunday is making me drool, I may have a bite. But I'm quite looking forward to going back to recipes that have at their base ingredients like quinoa, brussels sprouts, mushrooms, kale, collards, baby spinach, red peppers, and sweet potatoes. 

We've still got a packet of ground turkey and a whole chicken in our freezer. My thoughts were we'd finish these and then I'd go back to no meat but as the days pass, I have less and less desire to have anything to do with them.

Maybe I'll make my mom and Blair a nice roasted chicken dinner. 

As for me, I'll be making a meal out of the delicious and healthy side items.