Smug Marrieds: Fun Fridays

It's almost time for summer hours for Blair. This means longer work hours Monday - Thursday but the entire company takes Fridays off for the summer. We love summer hours. Blair already works the "longer" hours schedule anyway, so it's like a free Friday bonus. 

The last couple of years, we haven't done a lot with free Fridays. For the most part, they were spent doing normal life stuff - yard work, home repairs, maybe a lunch out but nothing major. This year, Blair--and by proxy, me--are determined to do better. 

Blair was typing away on his laptop the other morning when I sat down next to him. "Watcha doing?" I asked. 

"Planning our Fridays," said Blair. "I'm not going to waste them this year. I've got a whole list of things lined up for us to do. Want to hear them or would you rather be surprised?" 

"Ooh! Surprised!" I said. "No, wait. I need to know what to wear. Tell me. No wait... being surprised would be more fun so don't tell me. Except I'll be upset if I'm dressed wrong or don't have the right shoes, so you better tell me. No, scratch that--I don't want to know. Except maybe--"

"You know, I'm not so sure I want to take you anymore," said Blair. 

We finally agreed it was best if I knew what was coming. Check out the list of fun activities Blair has planned: 

  • Day at Carowinds amusement park
  • Weekend in Charleston
  • Day trips to Charlottesville and West Jefferson
  • Weekend trip to Boone and Grandfather Mountain for Blair's marathon debut
  • Possibly a trip to Beufort & Savannah

We're kicking the summer off with a week long trip to Hilton Head where we've rented a STUNNING condo on the beach. I'm going down the first half of the week alone to write and cook and run (and get really, really tan) and Blair will join me mid-week.

We'd been looking at maybe buying a beach condo but backed down when we found out monthly association fees rival the mortgage payments. For years we've said, "It's so much cheaper to just go rent a place for a week or two then it is to own one," but the problem is we never follow through and actually get to the beach. Not this year. I can't wait to get down there and work on my book and get some long early morning runs in on the beach as the sun comes up. 

If anyone has ideas for short day trips in our area that don't require an overnight stay, I'd love to hear them.