Smug Marrieds: Blair At The Beach

Sometimes--often--okay, pretty much every day, I'm estatic at our decision to remain childless. I'm pretty sure having small people around that depend on me for food, shelter and spiritual guidance would disrupt that whole, "Me, Universe, Center" thing I've got going on. 

But I can't help but sometimes think what a great dad Blair would have been. Here are just a couple classic Blair-isms from our time at the beach: 

  • We're walking on the beach, looking for shells, examining washed up horseshoe crabs, when we come to this big brown blob, about the size of football helmet. It looks like a cross between a circle of wood and a fossilized horseshoe crab shell. "What is that?" I ask Blair. "Whale poop," he says confidently. 
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More Beach Time Fantasy vs. Reality

In my last post I wrote about how I dreamed my life at the beach would unfold versus what usually happens. I've been at the beach condo for not quite two days now... how are things measuring up? 


As expected, life--and me--are perfect. I wake up early Sunday morning, brew some (decaf) coffee and do a brief meditation before breakfast. I eat a light breakfast of cottage cheese and berries then head out to the beach for a 2-hour walk. (Confession: It would have been closer to a 90-minute walk except I pulled a Dena and walked past my condo, not realizing it until I was another 15 minutes down the beach.) 

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Beach Time: Fantasy versus Reality

I'm going mad. Me, attempting to pack everything I've convinced myself I'll need for the beach is the definition of insanity. You think I overpack for trips to Europe? That's nothing compared to the damage I can do packing for a simple beach trip to Hilton Head. How hard can it be? Bikini, towel, shorts, sunscreen, go!

The problem is that there is a huge discrepancy in how I hope, wish and dream my time at the beach will be spent, and what actually occurs. 

The Dream: Each day I thoughtfully peruse the vegan/vegetarian cookbooks I packed and pick out healthy, low sugar, low carb, high protein, tasty meals comprised of dark leafy greens, bright vegetables, and fish that I grill on the stove top grill I've already hauled out to the car and hidden in the trunk before Blair could question where the hell I thought I was going with that thing. I ride my bike to the store in the early evening, buying only enough food for that night's meal, which I prepare while sipping wine and swaying in the kitchen to beach music.

The Reality: I will eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and most dinners. 


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Smug Marrieds: Fun Fridays

It's almost time for summer hours for Blair. This means longer work hours Monday - Thursday but the entire company takes Fridays off for the summer. We love summer hours. Blair already works the "longer" hours schedule anyway, so it's like a free Friday bonus. 

The last couple of years, we haven't done a lot with free Fridays. For the most part, they were spent doing normal life stuff - yard work, home repairs, maybe a lunch out but nothing major. This year, Blair--and by proxy, me--are determined to do better. 

Blair was typing away on his laptop the other morning when I sat down next to him. "Watcha doing?" I asked. 

"Planning our Fridays," said Blair. "I'm not going to waste them this year. I've got a whole list of things lined up for us to do. Want to hear them or would you rather be surprised?" 


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