Fun Friday: Mount Airy

Heart With Joy on bookshelf - YEA!!This Friday we ignored the rain clouds gathering overhead and ventured up the road a ways to Mt. Airy, i.e., "Mayberry" and home of all things Andy Griffith. We didn't have any real plans for the day. Just thought we'd take a look around, eat lunch, see what there was to see and head home. Mt. Airy is less than an hour away from us, so it was a good, quick trip. 

The first fun thing to happen is that we walked into Pages bookstore and I saw my friend Steve Cushman's book, Heart With Joy, on a shelf. Had to whip out the i-phone and send him a quick picture. The next fun thing is that I discovered that not only does Stephen King have a new book out, it's a new book in the Dark Towers series. Hel-loooo! How did I miss that? We bought the Steven King book, a book called Wild by Cheryl Straying that several people have recommended to me in the last week, and a cookbook by Olivia Newton John. (I am a SUCKER for cookbooks.) 

We purchased some excellent habanero salsa, sampled some truly awful wine in a wine store, and ate what very well may be the most delicious crab cakes I've ever had in my life from Trio Restaurant and Bar

SO want a Halloween tree this year.We nosed through all the little shops but didn't get really excited until we found a store that had an entire section devoted to Halloween. For new readers: Blair and I are Halloween freaks. It's our favorite holiday. We actually wereLace bat draping came home with us as well. CLASSY. introduced on a blind date on Halloween, but beyond that, we just love the tacky decor. Anything that oogles and goggles and has bats and broomsticks on it finds a way into our hearts. We decorate the house more for Halloween than we do for Christmas, which is why I snapped several photos of a Halloween tree and mantel, as inspiration for this year's decorations. (We left the store with the lace bat draping that hangs from the mantel, as well as the grinning pumpkin head.) This guy came home with us.



Fun Friday's are drawing to a close as summer evaporates before our eyes. We've got one more beach trip planned and a trip to Charleston. Then we start prepping for ITALY!!

What will I write about over the weekends once fun Friday's end? Where will the inspiration come from?

Get ready to read a lot more about my cats.