Smug Marrieds: Fishsticks? Really??

Today we've had the pleasure of hosting dear, dear friends of ours who used to live in Greensboro but abandoned us over 13 years ago to live in Connecticut. They were in town for a wedding and came to spend the night with us. We've been eagerly anticipating their visit for a month and spent the better part of the weekend getting the house in order--cleaning, stocking the fridge with food and wine, admonishing the cats to be on their best behavior, etc. 

They weren't arriving until this afternoon so I went to my morning workout class as usual. When I walked into the house, I froze. No. He didn't. He wouldn't have. 

"Blair?" I called. I walked down the hall and found him sitting in our breakfast room, eating lunch. "What did you make? What is that smell?"

"Fishsticks," he said, munching on one while holding another out to me. "Want one?"

"The entire house smells like fish," I said. 

"Mmmm," said Blair, cutting into another fishstick. 

"Why not just fry up some bacon while you're at it?" I asked. "The house reeks."

"You exaggerate," said Blair.

"Walk out and walk back in and tell me I'm exaggerating--never mind," I said, as he started to get up from the table. "Just go grab the scented candles. All of them." 

Fortunately, we were able to rid our home of the eau de fish smell well before our guests arrive. 

Why? Why do they do that??