Fun Fridays Come To An End

It's Labor Day weekend, which means not only will I eat my weight in veggie burgers and Ezkiel sprouted grain buns, but it signifies the end of Fun Fridays. Tomorrow Blair returns to his normal 5 day work week and Fun Fridays will be but a memory. 

But what good memories! This summer we: 

  • Rode monster roller coasters and managed not to throw up on each other or others waiting in line at Carowinds
  • Visited the town of West Jefferson where we locked our keys in our car and visited the cheese factory while we waited for AAA to arrive
  • Did a walking tour of downtown Greensboro
  • Spent a week at Hilton Head Island
  • Traveled to Boone where Blair ran the Grandfather Mountain Marathon
  • Had our niece Katlin here for a visit and cooked a whole fish (It was epic.)
  • Took our nephew Logan and my mom ziplining.
  • Paid a quick visit to Mount Airy then welcomed our long-lost NC friends Anne and John and their wonderful kids for a visit
  • Spent a weekend at Wrightsville Beach
  • Caught up with Blair's good friend Bill whom I hadn't seen since he was a groomsman in our wedding

And what did we do on this, the LAST fun Friday of the season? What could possibly top a summer of such fun?

Why -- beer and nachos on the outdoor patio at Village Tavern. Can't ever get enough.

It's been a fun summer. Thanks for tagging along with us through the blog. We now return you to your regularly scheduled life.