Dealing With Curveballs

Sometimes life doesn't flow the way you want it to. This week, for example, is a train wreck.

Blair and I leave soon for Italy. Poor guy came down with a horrible cold on Monday. Bad, but as the eternal optimists our thoughts were, "Yea! At least he's getting it out of the way before we leave on our trip." As I type these words, I'm listening to him in the bathroom, gagging. Not better. Worse. And facing a 24-hour travel day in the very near future. 

My throat has started tickling and I'm just praying the excitement over the trip will stave off any impending illness. That, and I think I may drink a lot in the next 24-hours to kill off any germs. ;)

Then there's Snowball, our newly adopted cat. I arrived home yesterday to find his left eye practically sealed shut. No idea what's going on there, except now I have to find time in an already frantic day to get him to the vet and then, more then likely, explain to our house sitter that not only will she be feeding our cats for the week, but she'll also more than likely be required to catch and sit on a cat while attempting to administer eye drops. 

My speech for Ignite Charlotte is written, but today must must MUST be devoted to pulling the slides together. I'm having a panic attack just thinking about it. 

Then there are the last minute details to attend to - visits to the bank and post office, return library books, write up instructions for the house sitter, last minute cleaning and laundry and--oh yeah--I haven't PACKED anything yet. 

But I can't think about any of that right now. I'm leaving in a few minutes to meet friends for a 20-mile run and I'm grateful. I'm feeling edgy and scattered and I know a long run, where I have no choice but to put one foot in front of the other for hour after hour, is going to calm and center me. Exhaust me as well, but calm and center me. 

I'll get everything done because you know what? I always do. Blair will rally, I won't get sick, we'll get medicine in Snowball and we will have a glorious time roaming all over Italy. 

I'm going to knock these curveballs out of the park.