The "Are You F'ing KIDDING ME" Blog Post

So apparently when I said in my blog post earlier this morning that I would "handle" whatever was thrown at me today, God took that as a challenge and threw down. 

I am about 20 seconds away from losing it, big time. I have a sign taped above my computer that says, "BE THE TYPE OF PERSON YOU WANT TO MEET." I'm looking at it, trying to remind myself that I don't want to meet a hysterical, sobbing woman ready to bury her head in the sand, but it's a challenge. 

Deep breath. So here's where things stand. 

Blair is going to the doctor, which is concerning in and of itself. Blair doesn't go to the doctor. Blair handles it, rises above, deals with it. The fact that he feels poorly enough to seek medical attention is freaking me out. I can't imagine the misery he's going to be in on the plane rides, the 6-hour layover in New York, etc. My heart's just breaking for him. Not how you want to begin a trip. 

Then there's Snowball. I took him in this morning to see the vet and he has an ulcer in his right eye. The treatment? Eyedrops. HOURLY FOR THREE DAYS. You read that right. HOURLY. Including night time.

I almost burst into tears in the vet's office. There is no way I can ask our house sitter to give this cat hourly eye medication. Instead, that chore is more than likely going to fall to my mother. Who is a saint. Would YOU agree to drive to someone's home hourly and do this? Plus, I suspect Snowball is going to hide and put up a fight. 

I explained to the vet we're going out of town and I just can't see asking the house sitter to set her alarm to go off every hour at night. She reluctantly agreed that it could be every three hours at night. Huzzah. 

I'm seeing if a local cat clinic can board Snowball (because we just have big boatloads of money sitting around that we have no plans for), but I'm not sure they have 24-hour staff so the point may be moot. 

We (being Mom and the house sitter) will also have to monitor the eye for cloudiness, which may indicate a need for surgery, so I've got to figure out how to leave permissions etc. as we can't be reached while we're gone. 

As for getting the slides together for my speech? It's not going to happen. I'm prepping myself to make the phone call to the event director to inform her my slides will be late. I hate that. I can't stand it when people don't make deadlines or think the rules don't apply to them, and the fact that I am now that person is not sitting well with me. 

BE THE TYPE OF PERSON YOU WANT TO MEET. Okay...if I knew someone dealing with all this, I would want them to recognize that in the big picture of life, this is all little stuff. It's the flu, a sick cat, and some late slides. Millions of people in the world would kill to have these as their biggest problems in life. I love my life, I love my problems.

I feel better. Thanks for listening to my rant.