The Moving Diaries: Mirrors, Letting Go & The Big Picture

I think it's safe to finally, unequivocally announce that Blair and I are moving to Greensboro. I've been hesitant to announce it, almost like a new pregnancy. You just want to make sure everything takes before accepting the well wishes of family and friends. But all evidence points toward a move. We have bought a house. We have our beloved home up for sale. We spend our nights bickering over what pieces of furniture will make the transition and which will be left behind. So yes, it appears the move 25 miles south is a done deal. 

For a brief, magical week, everything fell into place. We had the offer we made on the new home accepted on a Tuesday and by Saturday we had an offer on our home. Part of the offer on our home was that the buyers wanted us to leave behind the expensive designer mirrors in all our bathrooms. I'd been planning on taking the mirrors to the new locale. Perhaps not so shockingly, my competitive instinct kicked in. 

"No way!" I said, punching a couch pillow for emphasis. "Those mirrors are ours. They can buy their own mirrors." 

Blair just looked at me. 

"I mean it," I said. "I love those mirrors. We're already giving the house away. They can't have the mirrors too. No way. Nope." 

Blair cleared his throat. "A little perspective? We have the chance to sell our home and do away with utility payments, property taxes and upkeep, not to mention we'd put the money toward lowering the mortage on our new house, but you don't want to do any of that because... you want to keep the mirrors?"

"Well geez, when you say it like that," I muttered. 

So I'm learning to let go. Slowly. The offer on our home fell through so there's always the chance the mirrors will still come with us. Blair just shakes his head when I point this out to him in a hopeful tone. 

Maybe I better start looking in those mirrors and asking, "Mirror mirror on the wall... who is the stingiest one of all?" 

Moving with me is going to be soooooo much fun! Stay tuned.