The Moving Diaries: Binging and Purging

I'm fascinated by the reality TV hoarding shows. This comes from my anti-hoarding tendencies. Sentimental value goes out the window with me when it comes to deciding what stays and what goes. If you ever need to clean out your attic or clothes closet but lack the willpower to throw things away, call me. I am the queen of tough decisions. If it's not practical and doesn't get used, off it goes to live a life of purpose somewhere else. 

Which is why I'm astounded to discover how much stuff we've accumulated over the years. We've been in our current home for 17 years. It doesn't have a lot of storage and again, Blair and I are both pretty good at letting go, so where did all this accumulation come from?

Last week I had three different moving companies come in to give me quotes and as they opened drawers and peered in closets, I was already mentally going through what could be tossed. Two drawers full of unused picture frames--really? The hoop skirt I wore with my wedding dress? (Shut up--it was 1994.)  Time to let go. Old client projects I haven't touched in 10 years--might be time to whittle down the files. 

I'd love to start packing now for our March 13th move date, but we're still showing our home and I'm fearful a half-packed home won't show anywhere near as well. But I am going to start going through books, file folders and the recessed areas in our closets to see what can be let go before the actual packing begins. 

That's the purge part. I will say the one thing I'm having difficulty letting go of is furniture. There is the mirror post from earlier this week but also people keep offering me furniture and I keep saying yes. We purchased a small sofa and barstools from the people we're buying the house from, my mom is giving us a sleeper sofa and maybe a desk, the old red couch we own (more pink now from its year in direct sunlight) which I've been dying to get rid of for years is suddenly something I can't part with. I think I just want all options available to me once we move. Who knows how that red couch will look in the new house? A new slip-cover and boom, we're in business. 

I think I missed my calling in life. I should work for a moving company. Can't wait to start packing!