Follow Up: The Week Of No Exercise

You may recall that right before our move I decided to take a week off from exercise. I'd been feeling mentally and physically run down and needed a break. Sure, I moved and unpacked boxes, but compared to my regular exercise routine, I truly cut back. No running. No biking. No power yoga. No sit-ups, chin-ups, push-ups. No Crossfit or BodyPump. Nada. I took two short walks and that was it. 

Saturday marked my return to exercise with a long run. I took some classes on Sunday and did a sprint workout and Crossfit yesterday.

How did it feel? Did I come back rested and stronger?

I don't think so. If anything, I feel just as sluggish as before. I got through the workouts, but I admit I expected to come back with a bit of a Superman vibe, tackling the exercise with renewed strength and vigor. Didn't happen. 

I'm disappointed. Not sure what went wrong. Diet? Stress from the move? Not enough sleep? 

It will most likely be awhile before I'll try a full deload week again, but in the meantime I'm going to focus on taking at least one full rest day a week. My rest days prior were consisting of power yoga or a light run. I'm going to commit to one day each week where I do nothing more then walk around the neighborhood. 

Meanwhile, I did a beast of a Crossfit workout yesterday. Have to admit, I missed the push.