Name Your Word for 2016

I met a friend for drinks last night and the conversation turned (as it is apt to when women and wine are involved) to where we are in life, where we’ve been and where we aim to go.

My friend mentioned a trend that had gone around Facebook where you were asked to choose a word that would define you for the New Year—the idea being to select a word that you can use as a touch point or beacon to guide future acts and decisions.

I went home and thought about what my word might be. A few months ago I asked a number of friends and colleagues to use one word to describe me and the word that came up over and over again was “driven.” I like driven. It speaks to who I am. However, it doesn’t resonate with me as a word I want to use to guide my actions. “Driven” has bit too much of an “all hands on deck” 24/7 connotation to it. I wanted something a little more Zen.

I think I’ve found it.


For me, 2016 is the year of reinvention. I’ve already got a jump on that with my new training plan commitment of slowing down to speed up. I’m also committed to reinventing my career, working to find new ways to add value, add revenue and do a deeper dive into content management skills.

I’m reinventing relationships, deepening bonds with longtime friends and actively reaching out to new people who intrigue or challenge me and bring new perspective to my life.

I’m reinventing myself as a writer, blowing the dust off some old manuscripts and feeling excited about devoting more time to writing.

And reinventing can be as simple as trying new experiences, going new places or even rearranging the furniture. (Screw what the cat thinks. I like the sofa pulled out from the window.)

Reinvention is a word I can use as a litmus test. When faced with a decision, I’ll ask myself in that small voice that whispers to all of us in the backs of our minds, “Am I doing this because it’s a default pattern? And if so, is it still the right decision for me or do I need to reinvent the choices I make?”

It won’t always work. Habits are hard to break. But the very act of being aware is always a big step forward.

What’s your word?



p.s. It’s time for me to talk about the last two years. THE DATING DIARIES are coming. Get excited.