The Cat Situation

Our newest family addition: Welcome, SnowballOddly enough for a "cat writer," I haven't posted much lately in the way of cat updates. The main reason is that back in April we had to put our beloved Lucy-cat down.  The only thing I've written about that time is this brief entry in my journal:

Today we made the difficult decision to put Lucy down. I held her wrapped in a purple towel. My heart. My heart, my heart, my heart. 

The sting still hasn't diminished. But when something is taken away, often something is given. In our case, it was another cat.

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From Thumper To Stumper: Lucy's Leg Amputation

This is our "Woe is me" in this collar face. Poor kitty!Most everyone who knows me, is Facebook friends with me, or lives within a 100 mile radius of me knows that last Thursday our cat Lucy had her left front leg amputated. We thought she had just fractured the leg, but the x-rays revealed a tumor that, thankfully, was confined to the leg. 
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Smug Marrieds: The Mouse

This morning started out productive enough. I woke up early, at 4:30 am, in full domestic mode. By 5:30 I had chicken baking in the oven and stuffed peppers simmering in the crock pot, the dishwasher was loaded and running, and I was working on a second load of laundry. Satisfied that I was using enough electricity to power a small orbiting space station, I headed into the bathroom to get my shower. And that's when I saw it. 

"BLAIR!" I screamed, my emergency broadcast system in full mode. "BLAIR! BLAIR! BLAIR!"

He came bursting into the bathroom, sure someone was murdering me. "WHAT?! WHAT?!"

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