Merle Norman To The Rescue: A Sole Sister Makeover?

A scene from the winning cheer: We Be Cruisin' In The 'Boro!" This past Sunday I teamed up with 7 of the Sole Sisters to run the ALS Amazing Race sponsored through The Club of Greensboro. We divided into two teams of four and--along with 11 other teams--used clues to race around Greensboro and complete tasks. 

My friend Christie summed the day up best in her FB post:

We have dove in pools, rode tricycles, pushed wheelchairs blindfolded playing hockey, answered 10 hard travel questions, we were blindfolded and had to guess flavors of gelato, recited "proper names" of English desserts, surveyed a boutique for red belts, struck a pose at photo studio, ran on treadmills and jumped rope, bowled underhanded backwards for a strike, and fished around in a pool of noodles, oatmeal and sardines -we chanted a cheer that led us to victory (thanks to Cindy Barbour). For what?? To WIN the Amazing Race and raise awareness for ALS-one of the most memorable days we've ever had. We did it girls !

Although the day was filled with laughter--maybe even mocking while Christie and I cursed the tricycles--one moment stands out. 

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2012 Valentine's Day Marathon Massacre

Start of yesterday's marathon relayLook--there on the Country Park lap. It's a bird... it's a plane... No, wait. It''s.... HOT FAST WOMEN!

Who cares that I can't complete a spin class without thinking thoughts of suicide? Fellow Sole Sister Cindy Kearns Barbour and I rocked yesterday's Valentine's Day Marathon.

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