Smug Marrieds: The Spaghettios Story

For today's blog, I thought I'd replay a 17-year-old ongoing "discussion" that Blair and I have going and that popped up again this weekend. It revolves around Spaghettios

Blair enjoys the occasional can or two of Spaghettios. I have no problem with this. While I've outgrown the taste myself, I remember how much I loved Spaghettios with hotdogs (NOT meatballs - ick, blech!!) as a kid. What I question is the way he prepares them. 

Spaghettios are pre-cooked so all you have to do is heat them up. Which Blair does. Then he leaves them to cool on a plate on the kitchen counter until they return to room temperature. 

"If you like them cold, why not just eat them out of the can?" I ask. 

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