The Happiness of Not Running

I have a secret. Something I'll barely admit to myself, let alone others, but I feel the urge to share. Ready? Here goes.

I've been perfectly fine not running these past several weeks. 

Seriously. There have only been one or two real moments where I've been like, "Huh. Sure would be nice to go for a run." Otherwise, it's almost been a relief to not have to run.

Of course a few factors have contributed to that.

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And We're Back...

Time to blow the dust off this blog. But first, a quick peek into my life over the past 7 months. 

  1. I ran and went to the gym. 
  2. I went on some dates. 
  3. I worked. 

Okay, then. Good summary! Moving on. 

I'm kicking off my return to blogging with an announcement--I'm grounded. I was diagnosed last week with a stress fracture to my left femoral head. Not good. 

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