And We're Back...

Time to blow the dust off this blog. But first, a quick peek into my life over the past 7 months. 

  1. I ran and went to the gym. 
  2. I went on some dates. 
  3. I worked. 

Okay, then. Good summary! Moving on. 

I'm kicking off my return to blogging with an announcement--I'm grounded. I was diagnosed last week with a stress fracture to my left femoral head, which is where the ball of your leg connects to your hip socket. Apparently, it's a nasty place to have a fracture, given my chiropractor's initial phone call to me which began, "What the HELL did you do?" 

Since then, I've been put on crutches. Absolutely no running for 6-8 weeks, minimum. And, for the moment, no cycling, yoga, and only minimal swimming. (It's like they WANT to kill me.) I go for an MRI next Thursday and will know more then about how big the fracture is and how much time out I'm facing. So, as a way to stay sane and pass the time, I'm back blogging. And people--I have some stories to tell. New dating stories. Update on the book proposal which is now circulating amongst editors. (If you're an editor and reading this, HEY! HI! PICK ME! PICK ME!) And I will have lots to say about this injury--why it happened, what I've learned and--most importantly--whom I can blame it on. (Right now, I'm the key suspect, but I'm working on that.) 

For the moment, I'm focusing on learning to walk on crutches without presenting an immediate danger to myself or others. Also, yesterday I received my handicapped parking sticker, good until June. (Hear that, retired guys at the gym? I'm coming for your parking spots. Game on.) 

I'm glad I'm back but even more happy you've chosen to join me.