Water World

See this bad boy? I drink one of these a day, minimum. Started about two weeks ago. I'd been feeling sluggish and decided to pay attention to how much water I was drinking. When I'm training for a marathon, I'm good about keeping up the fluid intake. This summer though? Pffftsh... Fail. Epic fail, where the water is concerned. 

Since buying and using this 64 oz. container, I'm a believer. I've noticed a marked difference in my energy level, especially when it comes to exercise. I feel lighter (which is most likely a combination of my eating less because I'm full of water and also I pee every 5 minutes). 

Mornings are key. If I don't suck down half of that bottle by noon, I almost never finish it. I made the mistake of finishing off about a quarter of it one night before bed and was up every hour, paying for it. Now I aim to finish the last of the water with my dinner. 

The down side to all of this is I'm becoming a bit co-dependant. I'm loathe to go anywhere without my ginormous water bottle. It's another means of accountability. I know exactly what I want to accomplish, waterwise, and the bottle shows me where I am and how much further I have to go.

Sad, but true. 

So don't laugh if you see me hauling this thing around town, sipping madly at traffic lights. Instead, throw me a wave of encouagement, than point me in the direction of the nearest bathroom.