List Making - Is There A Better Way?

My dry erase board with today's to-do listI have a friend I admire who's an action gal. Unlike me, with half my life spent huddled over a to-do list (either admiring it, adding to it, or crossing something off with a sense of satisfaction), my friend just does things. Phone call needs to be made? Bam. She picks up the phone and makes the call. Letter to be sent out? She's at the computer - type type type print - done. Need to get the dogs in to the vet? She's on the phone making the appointment. 

It's my goal to be more like her. Quit dithering around and just DO what needs to be done. Do it, move on, quit thinking about it. Sounds lovely, doesn't it?

Part of my "to do" list fetish comes from a fear that I'll forget something. Heaven forbid I be less than perfect. But I think a lot of it is just showing off. A written record of "Sigh, look how much work I have to do!" Big, fat, hairy deal. Do YOU know anyone who isn't swamped? Me either. 

I think I'd get a lot more done if I just jumped into a task versus planning WHEN I'll start it and HOW LONG it will take and IN WHAT ORDER things should be done. Let go of the OCD and just do the work, Dena.

I think I'll start by erasing "Write blog entry" from my to-do list. ;)