Four years of yoga down the drain. That's what I feel like. For four years I attended a local yoga class 2-3x/week and loved it. I would not describe myself as a naturally flexible person but I made real headway, able to twist myself into some pretzel like shapes, hold some challenging balance poses, and head-to-knee pose with hands flat on the floor was pretty much a no-brainer. 

Then I got serious about running. 

And added weight training. 

And because I was exercising two hours a day, most days, I could not see clear to find a way to keep yoga in my life more than once a week, at best. Now I'm paying the price. 

Even a moderate bend at the waist produces screaming in my super tight hamstrings. I dangle my fingers toward the floor and am amazed I was once able to touch it. I did a yoga tape the other day--my easy "old lady" one--and was instantly frustrated (and embarrassed) at how the "easy" poses had now become challenging. Even a seated head-to-knee pose isn't happening. I fling my arms out and grasp my toes and hang on for dear life, grimacing against the pain as I fight to keep my legs straight. Lowering my head to my knees? Fuggedaboutit!

Aside from that, I just don't feel good. My body hurts, everything is sore. I find myself bending my knees to reach down and pick something up versus just swooping down and grabbing it. I feel like I've lost an important connection with myself.

So there's nothing for it but to dive back in. I've started doing the "old lady" 30-minute yoga tapes at least once a day, and am dragging my mat around the house, stretching in 5-10 minute increments as my schedule allows. It's only been a couple of days and already I'm feeling better. Looser.

Hear that floor? I'm coming for ya! 

He Makes Me Laugh

So yesterday I'm on the floor, doing some gentle twists and turns to help my back. I crouch into child's pose, which is a yoga pose where you sit back on your heels, arms stretched out in front of you on the floor so it appears that you're bowing. Blair came in the room.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Stretching out my lower back."


I sensed he was still in the room but not saying anything. I raised my eyes and looked at him standing in front of me. As soon as I did so, he nodded at me and smiled benevolently. 

"You may rise." 

Smart ass. But he does make me laugh. 

I Bought A Bike

I bought a bike. Not a real bike, but an upright stationary bike. I can barely manage to walk a straight line without tripping so I thought it best I not place myself on two wobbly rubber circles and wheel myself into traffic. The local hospitals are busy enough without my adding to their stress levels.

Here's how I bought my bike. I walked into Play It Again Sports, hopped on three different models for a total of about 30 seconds each, then pointed at one and said, "That'll do."

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