New (Free) Shoes!

What's better than new running shoes? FREE new running shoes!

I recently participated in the Wake Forest Runner's Study and my reward was a $100 gift certificate to New Balance shoes in Winston-Salem. I'd been needing trail shoes for months so it was the perfect match. Almost.

I'm a Brooks running shoe girl. Always have been. I feel like I'm cheating on my brand, sneaking the New Balance into the house. Plus, they're much more minimalist then I'm used to. They feel like the thin paper baggies you slip over your shoes at a new home showing versus an actual shoe. I'm going to need to do some short trail runs and build up my endurance for wearing these. 

But free is free. These were on clearance so I had $15 left over and I bought some gaudy rainbow colored socks to wear with them 'cause that's how I roll. Plus, I don't want to get lost on the trail. You see some runner out there in turquoise shoes and purple socks, sobbing about how her paper baggie shoes failed her, yeah. That's me. Throw me a Gu and point me in the right direction.



Trail Running: Just Do It!

Nike hit gold when they came up with their "Just Do It" slogan. It's hard to imagine a situation where the sage advice doesn't apply. Today, in particular, I was a poster child for the three word ditty.

When I left the house this morning, I packed my trail running shoes in the hopes that Barefoot Josh would want to meet me for a trail run in the afternoon. When I hadn't heard from him and it was raining out, I'd pretty much decided to bag the trail run. I offered rationalizations as I drove home. I'll just do a quick 5 miles at the house. I need to get on the bike, anyway. The trails will be slippery from the rain. Blah, blah, blah. 

Yet somehow, in the back of my mind, I kept hearing "Just do it." I wanted to do a trail run. I brought special shoes because I'd planned to do a trail run. Why was I now doing everything in my power to talk myself out of running a trail? 

Just do it. I turned onto Strawberry Road, switched out my shoes, and headed for Piedmont Trail. Loved every freaking minute of it. Fall colors, mud, roots, stumps, clumps of wet leaves, hills, bridges... glorious, including the two blisters I got because it's been months since I wore my trail running shoes. 

My plan was to spend the summer running trails. Didn't happen. I do best when I have a running partner, someone to hold me accountable for showing up and getting the run done. Not a lot of people I know either like to run trails or have the flexibility in their schedule to hit them when it's light outside (i.e., during "work" hours). But I enjoyed my solo run today. I'm aiming to get another one in later this week on a slightly longer trail. 

If anyone in the area is reading this and wants to run some trails, please e-mail me. 

Meanwhile, I'll be the solo loony runner out on the trails chanting, "Just do it!" as I hoof it up the hills. 



A Day of Errands

Today is just a matter of working my way down the checklist. I left the house a little before nine in order to... 

  • Go by the Post Office and mail a package
  • Drop by the Madison vet and pick up Lucy's prescription. (Hold quick inner debate with self over whether to kidnap adorable silky puppy in the front display cage who gave me kisses.)
  • Drive to my regular BP station to fill up then remember I'm mad at them and decide to fill up somewhere else later in the day
  • Get allergy shot
  • Drive to Greensboro vet and pick up prescription for Olivia. (These cats are going to bankrupt us.)
  • Drive to bank and sign signature card for some account--I don't really pay attention--that Blair opened last week
  • Pop into Aveda for the hair-straightening shampoo I ran out of last week
  • Debate going by Apple store to check out cases for my new iPad (blog post coming soon!) but remember scanning e-mail from in-the-know-Apple-friend earlier today who recommended I get a certain case that has to be pre-ordered. Don't feel like dealing with techie people anyway, so just as happy to skip this errand.
  • Swing by Barnes & Noble and pick up a journal as a gift for a budding pre-teen writer of my acquaintance
  • Settle into coffeeshop and realize I forgot to get gas AND pick up a card for my cousin's baby shower. Vow to remember to run by Hallmark this afternoon. Decide to also buy cute pen and chocolate kisses and make a complete gift package for young writer friend. 

Still left in the day are lunch with a friend, annual ob-gyn appointment (or have I shared too much?), and trail run with marimba master Nathan Daughtrey at 5:30.

The forecast today was for clear skies but there have been a few clouds. Every time Nathan and I plan to run, there's either heavy rain or the chance of rain. Today on our run we will have to decide whether to use our newfound powers for good or evil. 

After the run, home to shower, heat up leftovers, and go through finances to more than likely discover that my day of errands means we can no longer afford groceries next week.

A pretty damn good day. 



Rethinking Boston...

I don't think I'm going to run the Boston Marathon in April. I've been going over and over it in my mind. As excited as I am to have qualified for Boston, I just cannot muster any enthusiasm at the moment for the race itself. I looked at a calendar and training for Boston would begin on December 27th. The thought of diving back in to full-blown training two months from now is enough to move me to tears. I don't think I could make myself do an interval workout, even if you held a gun to my head. I didn't realize how tightly wound I was until my marathon was over. Now, I just want to relax for awhile. 
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