A Sad Day At The Vet

I took the girls to the vet today to have their nails trimmed. As we were waiting in the lobby, an elderly gentleman dressed in overalls and a worn baseball cap shuffled in leading a tired and aged cocker spaniel. The woman at the front desk came right out and took the leash and said to the dog, "C'mon sweetheart."

As they walked away, the man stood and watched them go. "I hate to see that happen," he mumbled more to himself than to me. I was pretty sure by then what was happening but as he caught my eye, I raised my eyebrows in a question and he gave a quick nod. 

"I'm so sorry," I said. 

The man blinked back a few tears, took a deep breath, and pushed open the door to step back into the cold air. 

There just wasn't a whole lot more to say. 

A Little Lesson In Engine 2 Diet Portion Control

Quinoa - looking all innocent likeOkay. First I just want to say that it's not my fault.

The recipe I made last night from the Engine 2 Diet book for Red Beans Over Quinoa with Kale said it served 2-4 people. Blair and I are not shy eaters and typically we find that a recipe that says it serves 4 generally gives each of us a healthy portion plus one small meal leftover. So it's NOT MY FAULT that there is now enough Red Beans and Quinoa in my refrigerator to feed a mid-sized middle Eastern village for a week.

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Random Life Happenings

I don't know where my mind is these days. Maybe it's the first heat wave of summer that's come through or the fact that I'm increasing my training, but I was just zonked last week. Not sleepy-tired but physically "body-feels-like-a-brick-and-mind-is-brain-dead" tired. I sat in front of my laptop and ordered myself to focus but it was like clawing through quicksand. 

Today seems better. Feeling much more me and focused. I need to jump on some work that I let slide a bit in the fog of last week, so today's blog is just a quick recap of random events from the past week: 

  • I'm having a horrible time finding a guest for this month's radio show. If you know of anyone living in Rockingham county who is not originally from Rockingham county, please send me their contact info.
  • Saw Star Trek again this weekend. Because yes, it's that good. 
  • I almost saved/killed a turtle today.
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I Have Walked Like An Egyptian

And we're back! From Egypt. Arrived home last night just before midnight, semi-delirious from fatigue after a 25.5-hour travel day. 

As should be obvious, I programmed my blog to pop up some entries while we were gone. I don't like announcing to the world that we're leaving home and I didn't think our house sitter would be thrilled either, so I tried to keep it low key.

But we went, we're back, and we had a GLORIOUS time. This was, without a doubt,

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