Fun Fridays Come To An End

It's Labor Day weekend, which means not only will I eat my weight in veggie burgers and Ezkiel sprouted grain buns, but it signifies the end of Fun Fridays. Tomorrow Blair returns to his normal 5 day work week and Fun Fridays will be but a memory. 

But what good memories! This summer we: 

  • Rode monster roller coasters and managed not to throw up on each other or others waiting in line at Carowinds
  • Visited the town of West Jefferson where we locked our keys in our car and visited the cheese factory while we waited for AAA to arrive
  • Did a walking tour of downtown Greensboro
  • Spent a week at Hilton Head Island
  • Traveled to Boone where Blair ran the Grandfather Mountain Marathon
  • Had our niece Katlin here for a visit and cooked a whole fish (It was epic.)
  • Took our nephew Logan and my mom ziplining.
  • Paid a quick visit to Mount Airy then welcomed our long-lost NC friends Anne and John and their wonderful kids for a visit
  • Spent a weekend at Wrightsville Beach
  • Caught up with Blair's good friend Bill whom I hadn't seen since he was a groomsman in our wedding

And what did we do on this, the LAST fun Friday of the season? What could possibly top a summer of such fun?

Why -- beer and nachos on the outdoor patio at Village Tavern. Can't ever get enough.

It's been a fun summer. Thanks for tagging along with us through the blog. We now return you to your regularly scheduled life.




Fun Friday: Mount Airy

Heart With Joy on bookshelf - YEA!!This Friday we ignored the rain clouds gathering overhead and ventured up the road a ways to Mt. Airy, i.e., "Mayberry" and home of all things Andy Griffith. We didn't have any real plans for the day. Just thought we'd take a look around, eat lunch, see what there was to see and head home. Mt. Airy is less than an hour away from us, so it was a good, quick trip. 

The first fun thing to happen is that we walked into Pages bookstore and I saw my friend Steve Cushman's book, Heart With Joy, on a shelf. Had to whip out the i-phone and send him a quick picture. The next fun thing is that I discovered that not only does Stephen King have a new book out, it's a new book in the Dark Towers series. Hel-loooo! How did I miss that? We bought the Steven King book, a book called Wild by Cheryl Straying that several people have recommended to me in the last week, and a cookbook by Olivia Newton John. (I am a SUCKER for cookbooks.) 

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Fun Friday: Ziplining!

Blair and I took our nephew Logan and my mom ziplining yesterday at Carolina Ziplines. Our guides Ryan and Whitney took us on a canopy tour through the trees of Stokes county. Below is a video that captures some of the highlights. A few notes: 

  • You'll see one section where I'm doing a "whirlybird." This is where they twist the ropes so you spin around in circles as you come down the line. I was the only one in our group to attempt it. Until... Mom and I were the last ones to make this run and after I left the platform, Mom decided I wasn't going to be the only one to do the whirlybird. Take a look at the results!
  • Don't know if you can tell, but the last 2 runs you'll see on the video, it's pouring rain. Actually made ziplining more fun. 

 I would do this again in a heartbeat! They have nighttime tours which I'm going to convince Blair to take me back for. Our guides were stellar, beautiful scenery, felt totally safe. If you're in the area, you should definitely try this!