Cell Phone Plunge

We did it. Signed up today for cell phones. It's the end of an era. No longer will I feel vastly superior to those among you who can't walk from your house to the car without calling someone so you don't get bored on the 5-second trip. Now, I walk among you.

We've promised not to go overboard though. Really, we got the cell phones for two reasons. One, we live out in the boonies so it's a good idea to have a cell phone handy in case a car breaks down. That way we can report our muggers vitals to the police en progress.

The second reason is because one thing my time away showed me is that I am much more productive away from my house. This makes sense as when I'm home the laundry, cats, e-mail, exercise, food, and books are all competing for my attention. When I'm sitting in a cafe somewhere, I don't bring anything with me but my work. Therefore, it's work or stare off into space. But I do need to be accessible to clients, so having a cell phone is helpful.

I vow to maintain boundaries though. Last month I was flying home from Chicago (went to see Oprah--Hey Big O!) and once the plane landed of course everyone flipped on their cell phones. Yada, yada, yada, we just landed, yada, yada, meet me in baggage, yada yada. Typical conversations.

Except for one guy, three rows up from me. Instead, this gem of a man was facing the back of the plane, talking into his cell phone and saying, "What do you think I'm doing? You can see me plain as day."

I turned around and sure enough, he was talking to his buddy who was about five rows behind me.


Blair asked if I was going to give my cell phone number out to family and friends. "No," I said. "Absolutely not. They don't even need to know I have a cell phone."

Then it occurred to me said family and friends may be reading this blog. Soooo.....yesss...of course I was planning on giving you my number! Never doubt it. There's nothing more I'd like than to yada-yada with you on my supercool new cell phone as soon as possible.

Can you hear me now?