Writing with Chocolate

Experiencing writer's block?  Can't get through that last report?  Forget meditation and brisk walks around the block.  What you need is CHOCOLATE.

My personal favorite goodie for creating new prose comes in the form of a German-chocolate danish from Panera Breads.  Something in the dough unleashes the creativity molecules in my brain.  To wit, my next topic assignment for my humor column in U Magazineis on celebrating and entertaining.

I've attempted half-heartedly over the past few days to brainstorm some ideas for my column.  Most of them were along the lines of "I wish I were Martha Stewart," or "Isn't it hard to relax when you're hosting a party?" or "I loathe Martha Stewart."  You know, really knock 'em dead stuff.

But today I stopped in at Panera after my Toastmasters meeting and before the last bit of coconut was wiped from the tray I had myself a 550-word essay that left me giggling in my booth, causing people in the store to give me a wide berth.

No mind.  My assignment is done almost a month early!  All hail the mighty powers of chocolate.