Better Homes & Gardens

I've been receiving the Better Homes & Gardens magazine for free for close to a year now.  I used to subscribe to it but decided since I don't garden and the chances of my ever making "dazzling doily displays" are slim to none, I'd let the subscription slide.

Doesn't seem to matter.  I received 50 of the "This is your LAST notice" warning cards begging me to return as a subscriber and I threw them all out. But they keep sending me the magazine.  The mailings that come with the magazine now aren't even "please renew your subscription" but just the standard "buy now and get 1 year free" offer.

It's a running joke with us now.  "Hey, look what I got!" I'll exclaim in feigned surprise as I pull the magazine out of the mailbox each month.  "Maybe I should subscribe only, no, wait, that would mean I would have to pay.  Nahhhh."

If only I could get such a deal going with my New Yorker magazine.