Decorating Diary - A New Quote for the Bathroom

We met last night with the bathroom contractor.  Poor woman.  She had such beautiful ideas for our master bath and I unmercifully slashed the budget.  Soon it will be no more of an upgrade than designer Dixie cups and a new cover for the toilet.

The quote she gave us for countertops was just under $5000.  FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS.  Are you kidding me?  Admittedly, that included custom work and inlays and the whole shebang but give me a break...not even an option.

She got a great deal, she informed me, on the high-end cabinets.  "Absolutely stunner of a deal," she said.  "I've never seen prices like this for this quality."

Fine and dandy but guess what?  I don't need high-end cabinets, killer price or not.  I just need a place to store my lipstick and Oil of Olay.

So I'm essentially making her redo the whole thing.  She seems to think we can still add in a lot of the extras but I'm not sure.  She keeps saying things like, "That's only another $250 dollars" or "We can easily get that done for under $300."  All reasonable prices, but those numbers add up.

Tuck in.  I have a feeling the Decorating Diaries saga will be with us for months to come.