The Great Cat Butt Wiping Adventure - Fan Mail

You know, I try my best as a writer.  I work hard, research, double check facts, interview experts and spend hours searching for the perfect words.  But there's not a lot of recognition in the craft.  My piece on Morris the Cat's comeback?  Big deal.  My article on what happens to pets when owners divorce?  No one cared.  All my articles on breeds and backgrounds?  All escaped unnoticed.

Which is why I am LAUGHING at the fact that yesterday when the new issue of Cats & Kittenscame out that contained my humor piece on having to wipe my cat's ass because she was too fat to clean herself, I received no less than 3 pieces of fan e-mail before 5 o'clock.  All this time I've been trying to write high-profile pieces when really what I should have been focusing on is poo.

I love it though.  What a great feeling to know you made someone laugh through your writing.  It's the best high there is.  And I doubly appreciate it because I know how difficult it is to get people to write in about anything.  So I'm honored they bothered to find my website, then my e-mail and go to the trouble of dropping me a line.  Absolutely made my day.

BTW, I e-mailed my editor that I was receiving complimentary mail on the piece and advised her if she ever needed someone to write about s---, I was her gal.  Her response: "I had always suspected as much."

It's great to be valued. =)