Family & Promotions

I love my family.  My sister called today and said, "I was telling some women I work with about your book.  And about your blog, only I couldn't remember what you called it.  I told them it was 'Why Everyone Should Listen to Me,' or 'Why I'm Smarter Than All of You.' Isn't it something close to that?"

I clapped a hand to my head.  "Yes, I suppose it is."

"Yeah, so they said they might want to buy your book only I couldn't remember your website."

"You mean the one where I spell out my name?" I ask. (It's

"Right.  I couldn't remember if it was that or like your e-mail. But I'm sure they'll find it."

You see, this is why God made PR specialists.  To overcome the damage done by good family intentions. (Ha ha...just kidding sis!)