Decorating Diaries - To Tape or Not to Tape

Oh, oh.  First rumble between Blair and myself about the decorating and we haven't even finished selecting colors.  The "rumble" is about whether to tape off the copious amount of trim in our bedroom before we paint the walls this weekend.  Blair is in favor of it, I am against.

I have my reasons all lined up like the good little Vulcan I am.  They are:

  • Taping creates more work than it alleviates. 
  • Blair wants to tape to protect the trim from spatters but the trim is already lightly spattered from where I painted before so that's not buying us anything.  If anything, we'll just touch up the trim after we're done painting the walls.
  • I have yet to find a painter's tape that doesn't rip, to some extent, the paint off whatever it's taped over
  • When we've used tape in the past, we've ripped off chunks of the wall color when we removed the tape

I got worked up into a pretty good huff about it this morning while Blair, as always, was patient.  We agreed to a "we'll discuss it more tonight" settlement. 

Regardless, we will be painting this weekend which should make for some entertaining blog entries on Monday. Cheers.