Proof of Procrastination: Decorating Diaries

If I needed any proof other than my incomplete bathroom to document how repairs are dragging out, now I have it. My cat Olivia is terrified of strangers.  Not only will she not come near them, she will literally not come out when people are in the house.  Close friends of mine who visit often have never seen her.  She will go without eating before she will show her face when a stranger is around. When my mom visited for a week, she would only come out a night, after we all went to bed.

Which is why I almost fell off my chair when she came strolling into the breakfast nook this evening to eat her dinner while the tile guy was still in the house.  And not only was he in the house, he was being kind of loud.  There was a saw set up outside the front door, the front door banged as he came in, and noise issued from the bathroom as he maneuvered tile around in there.  

She looked at me like, "Hey. Wass up?" and ate some food and gave herself a little bath before wandering into the next room.

WHA--????  Okay, if my CAT is used to your presence as a common occurrence, you have been in  my house waaaaay too long.  Get out.

Speaking of which, my split personality showed up again this morning.  I placed a phone call at 10:30 am to announce that it was, indeed, 10:30 AM on a Monday and why was there no one in my home working on my bathroom? My voice mail said exactly that, along with the oft-repeated announcement that I wanted this job DONE. I asked her to call me and haven't received a return phone call, although the tile guy did show up about 10 minutes after I left the message.  (Luck). And he did stay until 6pm tonight.  I don't know if that's out of the goodness of his heart or guilt at being late or my contractor called him and said, "You need to stay."  And frankly, I don't care. 

I want the job DONE.  And get out. You're freakin' my cat out.