New Project - Pet Horoscopes

I was interviewed this morning to write a new humor column for a magazine that goes out to vets. I'll write the back page "Petascopes" column where I inform the vets the horoscope for the animals who fall under each sign they should be examining that day. It's the first project in a long while I've been excited about.  It's funny and quirky and my mind is already brimming with a million little odd associations and asides I can make in the column. 

The magazine also writes about leadership and better business practices and networking and the editor mentioned possibly even bringing me in to conduct some networking or public speaking training.  Great fun!

 I'm wrapping up projects for the week.  I dub this "Public Speaking Week." I've got a 5-minute speech I'm giving tomorrow in Toastmasters, a 20-minute speech I'm presenting to a Networking group Thursday night, and a 3-hour public speaking class on Saturday.  I am the original "yada-yada-yada" woman.

But now I must venture out of the house to the library.  I still need to pick up To Kill A Mockingbird.