Headline: Friends Chase Self-Doubt Away

I'm in a far better mood.  Here's why:

  1. I'm stuffed full of Chinese food.  Chinese food makes everything better.
  2. My bathroom floor is smokin' hot, baby.  We're at a toasty 70 degrees.  The room is still full of dust but I walk in just to feel the heat.
  3. My friends are awesome.  Bernie and Stevii posted on my site, Melody went so  far as to call and check in on me and several others sent e-mails. My favorite was from Michael, who came up with lewd and derogatory names for the PMA acronym  that I won't list here in case small children are reading.  But cheered me immensely to read them.
  4. Blair is feeling better (he's had bronchitis this week) and we actually spent some time together tonight.  I've missed my sweetie.
Chinese food, heat, sarcastic humor and hugs.  When you put it all together, I'm just a simple woman with simple needs.