Goal Setting

I know--the term is way over used and sends shudders down our spines. But I'm writing a column right now for one of my magazines on this very topic and it's got me thinking I need to spend some time in the goal-setting arena.

I tend to think of myself as a goal-setter but what I really am is a list-maker. Big, big fan of the "To Do" list. You need a list baby, you give me a call and I'll hook you up. But I don't set a lot of goals.

One woman I interviewed for my article is the CEO of a company that helps businesses grow. She stated every business (or individual running a business) should set goals in three primary areas: 

  1. Financial
  2. Product-Oriented
  3. Customer-Oriented

You have quarterly goals in each of these areas and sub-goals (there are my to-do lists) to help you achieve them. What I'm seeing is I am one of those people who get bogged down in the minutia. I have a list a mile long - "update the web site, send out books for review, find places to speak, send out query letters..."  But I need a prime goal to help me determine why I should be doing certain tasks and why I should be letting others go.

Another person I interviewed for the article, a psychiatrist, stated before any goal setting could take place you had to set a vision for yourself. This is bigger than your goals. It's not "I want to be a famous writer." It's the needs behind the goal. So for example, a writer who likes to travel and buy nice things will be motivated by money. Another writer may just want recognition and winning contests may meet her needs, even if she earns little income.  Our internal needs are what drive our goals.

So, I'm thinking I need to sit myself down and tinker around with some visions and goal-setting and see what comes of it.


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