Uncontrollable TV Crying

Does anyone else cry while watching reality TV? Last night I sat on the couch watching NBC's The Biggest Loser, bawling my eyes out. I hadn't seen the show in weeks, but I happened across it on the night of the makeovers. Everyone has lost 50-100 pounds at this point and they dressed them up and stood them in front of a mirror, behind which was hidden their spouse or loved one. After they'd admired themselves in the mirror, a door slid open and they were reunited with family they hadn't seen in 3 months.

How could you not cry?

This is a theme with me.  I will cry when Chef Ramsey finally makes friends with the horrible restaurant people who've been cursing him for 50 minutes of the show. I cry when one of the bratty girls is kicked off America's Next Top Model. I've even been known to sniffle at a particularly touching I Love Raymond or "very special episode" of Friends.

Crying isn't all bad. I am a FANTASTIC wedding guest. If you ever need a seat filler, I'm your girl. I will tear up and dab the corner of my eyes discreetly with a hanky at anyone's wedding, whether I'm acquainted with the bride and groom or not.

Oddly, beyond weddings, I'm not much of a real life crier. Maybe that's why I cry at bad TV.

The pain has to be released somewhere, people.